Schielke Plastering, LLC

A Detailed Overview of Our Journey Through the Years

The Boulder-Denver Metro Area in Colorado has witnessed the emergence and downfall of several plastering companies over the years. However, one name that has always stood the test of time is Schielke Plastering, LLC.

We have been in business for 74 years over three generations, upholding a strong reputation for quality work, attention to detail, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. Our constant desire to make our work the very best has allowed us to stay in business uninterrupted since 1949.

Meet Our Founder

Schielke Plastering was founded in 1949 by Sig Schielke. Sig came to Boulder, Colorado, to attend Colorado University while serving in the Navy during WWII. He received his Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and started working as a plasterer to pay the bills while he worked toward his Master's degree. While in Colorado, he began the outdoor activities of hunting and fishing, which was a big change in lifestyle after being raised in Chicago.

The demand for engineers was small in the Boulder area at the time, so to stay in Boulder, he decided to make a business of the plastering trade he had learned. In 1972, his sons, Leon and Reed, started working part-time for their dad. After graduating from Colorado University, they started working full-time for their dad. Sig retired in 1990, with Leon and Reed taking over the operations and continuing to do so.

Schielke Plastering, LLC

Carrying the Legacy Forward

Now in 2023, Reed and Leon Schielke still are in it, as well as Reed's son, Kyle. We're not sure, but we could be one of, if not the oldest, family-run plastering companies in Colorado. We don't strive to be the biggest plastering company in Colorado but focus more on delivering quality results.

By staying relatively small, we can afford to take the time to employ the most qualified individuals who are willing to constantly improve their knowledge and skills in all aspects of plastering. Contact Schielke Plastering in Boulder, Colorado, for all of your plaster and stucco work.